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Making you embrace your natural beauty.

Clean Ingredients

We pride ourselves on creating premium natural soaps with no artificial ingredients


No plastic - Sustainable palm oil. We meet environmental standards.

Quality Assured

We use high-quality natural materials that are gentle on your skin.

Chemical Free

Natural body soaps bar using plant based ingredients.


Aboundance was born out of the concern to find natural and affordable alternative to synthetic cosmetics that flood our lives without being in harmony with our body and especially our skin.

At Aboundance, we are committed to reintroducing the benefits of nature in the cosmetics we make. Our products, except of synthetic ingredients, are composed of vegetable oils, plant extracts, essential oils, clays.

We are convinced that nature has judiciously carried out all the syntheses necessary for the production of active ingredients in plants. Our goal at Aboundance is therefore to combine them appropriately to bring harmony and well-being to our skin.

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Relish Your Bathtime
It make choosing the good stuff quickly, and we don’t offer hundreds of varieties. We only make the best for you. Our soaps nourish the skin with a fresh and clean natural fragrance that isn’t overpowering like many other mass-market soaps, making them your best natural body cleanser.

Our Happy Customers

I had observed these soaps for three months before buying it. Finally, I bought it. It gave me a lot of foam without melting too fast. These are probably the best soaps I’ve ever used. I will order again.


I use them and felt good. They lather nicely, have a calming scents and work wonder on my skin. They are very gentle, and although I have sensitive skin, they suit me perfectly.


I use them every day and feel like they brighten my complexion. I love that I can detox my skin now and then. They make my feel very clean. I also like the variety of scents. Lavender, orange, patchouli and rosemary soaps are relaxing.